Printed Sample Pouches

From vitamin packets and powdered supplements to shampoos and conditioners, many companies give out sample packets or printed pouches as they’re known in the industry, to spread the word about their products.

The reason for their popularity is simple: they work. Printed sample pouches are a low-cost marketing tool that yields excellent results for brands.


A sample pouches’ effectiveness is diminished, however, if it is not printed properly. Both cosmetic and food products can have solvent-like properties that break down ink if they come into contact with the outside of a printed pouch. Not only could this potentially lead to health issues, but it also negates the effectiveness of the sample — if a potential customer likes a product but can’t read a worn-away label, they won’t be able to identify it for future purchases.

Our Expertise in Flexible Packaging

Star Label Products is fully equipped to handle all of your sample pouch printing needs. We understand the importance of protecting the printing of your flexible pouches and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience through past work on similar projects.

One of our specialties, the extensive knowledge of ink and coating materials, was painstakingly developed over our more than 40-year history through extensive work with the cosmetics, food, and beverage industries, as well as industries with corrosive materials such as commercial and household cleaning products.

Our highly skilled engineers can recommend the proper coating to protect against virtually any material. In addition to the printing and coating of your flexible sample pouch, material selection is an important piece of the process. Once we learn about your product and how the sample pouch will be used, we can make a recommendation.

Finally, although we do not offer filling services, we have worked with many high-quality fillers over the years and would be happy to put you in touch with one.

To learn more about Star Label Products’ sample pouch printing and coating capabilities, contact us today.