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An Intro to Custom Printed Flexible Packaging

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What Is Flexible Packaging?

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Flexible packaging refers to packaging materials made from non-rigid materials, such as paper, plastic, and foil. This packaging solution is highly versatile as a variety of containers can be created to suit different products, including bags and pouches. Additionally, the containers can be customized to various functional and aesthetic requirements, ensuring they exactly meet the needs of the customer.

Give Your Brand An Advantage: Benefits of Using Flexible Packaging

There are many benefits to using flexible packaging. For example:

  • It extends the shelf life of products. If the right design and material are chosen, flexible packaging containers can maintain the temperature, moisture, and/or oxygen levels required to keep packaged goods fresh. This ability is especially important for food and beverage products.
  • It offers better portability, usability, and reusability. Flexible packaging containers come with various design options, such as the ability to reseal. These features can improve the customer experience, increasing the chance that they will repurchase the product.
  • It requires less water and energy to produce. Since flexible packaging is made using less water and energy than rigid packaging, it can be considered a greener packaging option.
  • It enhances the shelf appeal of products. The broad range of packaging designs and customization options enables flexible packaging containers to be optimized for shelf appeal, which improves the likelihood of the product catching the eye of potential customers.
  • It reduces shipping and handling costs. Flexible packaging containers are generally lighter than comparable rigid packaging containers, making them easier and, consequently, cheaper to handle and ship.

Finding the Right Fit: Types of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is available in various designs, materials, and sizes. It also comes in formed (pre-shaped containers ready for in-house filled and sealing operations) and unformed (rolls of materials intended to be sent to co-packers for forming, filling, and sealing) configurations. Examples of flexible packaging containers include stock bags, pouches, sachets, and printed roll stock.

Flexible Packaging vs. Rigid Packaging

Both flexible packaging and rigid packaging are widely used by product manufacturers. The key difference between them is that flexible packaging is made from materials that can be easily bent without risk of breaking, while rigid packaging is made from materials that cannot be easily bent without risk of breaking. This material difference makes flexible packaging better suited for products that require durable, portable, and lightweight containers and rigid packaging better suited for products that require highly protective containers. Typical products packaged in flexible packaging containers include chips, milk, frozen food, biscuits, bread, sour cream, and yogurt. Typical products packaged in rigid packaging containers include aerosols sprays, soups, water, laundry detergent, liquor, and perfumes.

Ensure Your Product Stands Out on the Shelves With Star Label Products

The customizability of flexible packaging enables you to tailor your containers to suit your exact functional and aesthetic needs. However, it is important to partner with an experienced flexible packaging manufacturer to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to produce them to your specifications and standards.

At Star Label Products, we are one of a handful of label manufacturers that offer flexible packaging solutions. Our in-housing printing capabilities allow us to create custom printed flexible packaging roll stock that is co-packer ready. If you need a co-packer recommendation for form and filling operations, we have an extensive list of reliable companies we trust. We can act as a liaison between you and the co-packer, including directly shipping the printed rolls to them for streamlined operations.

Typical products for which we provide flexible packaging solutions include:

If you’re looking for a single-source provider of custom flexible packaging solutions, contact us today. Our free sample packets ensure you find the solution that is perfect for you, while our 1-2 week turnaround time makes certain you receive your solution quickly.