APR Compliance

PET plastic recycling is critical for decreasing environmental impact and conserving valuable resources. The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is the leading authority in PET recycling to successfully handle this challenge. APR’s initiatives are part of a larger effort to set industry standards, promote sustainable practices, and develop a closed-loop system for this widely used plastic substance.
At Star Label Products, we create PET solutions that meet the APR Design Meets Preferred Guidance (MPG) Program requirements!

Improved Recycling

PET is commonly found in beverage bottles, food containers, and consumer products. Its durability, lightweight nature, and versatility have made it a staple in packaging. However, improper PET disposal can lead to pollution and resource depletion. This is where APR recycling steps in. It focuses on optimizing the collection, sorting, and processing of PET plastic to transform it into high-quality recycled materials.

Star Label Products Sustainable Solutions

Star Label Products is acknowledged for its APR-compliant packaging through the APR MPG program. Our EcoStar labels include a recyclable polypropylene film and approved inks. They integrate into recycling streams by cleanly detaching from PET packaging, emphasizing sustainability.

✔ Recognized by the APR
✔ Compatible with existing label application and filling equipment
✔ Empower PET recycling in support of a circular economy
✔ Fulfill retail requirements (Retailers increasingly shift to APR-approved product packaging in their stores.)

EcoStar: A Solution for the Future

Our EcoStar label construction includes a polypropylene film with a recyclable wash-off adhesive and approved inks, providing a fully sustainable labeling solution. These labels seamlessly integrate into the existing recycling stream, cleanly releasing from PET packaging and creating clean flakes. This recycled PET can be reprocessed and reused, contributing to a more circular economy with reduced waste.
Ready to make a sustainable difference in your PET products? Contact us today to explore our APR-compliant packaging options. Let’s create a greener tomorrow together!