Pharmaceutical Labels

The pharmaceutical industry has a unique set of requirements for any product labels that they use. These specifications don’t necessarily pertain to the label substrate or adhesive material properties, but rather to the manufacturing methods and advanced quality assurance process.

Since 1972, Star Label Products has developed comprehensive labeling expertise including in-depth knowledge of the best standards and practices for the pharmaceutical industry. While we’ve established particular authority with over the counter (OTC) medications and store brand generics, we are also well versed in labels for doctor’s office-dispensed medication, medical devices, and testing material such as blood analysis strips.


Maintaining Integrity with Our Segregated Production Center


One of the most important label requirements the pharmaceutical industry demands is the accuracy of label information. To ensure the correctness of all pharma labels we produce, Star Label Products has developed a segregated production center, which includes a single printing press isolated in its own room and an adjacent isolated space with a rewinding and inspection machine.

The segregated area allows us to print pharma labels and, once completed, transport them to the segregated machine for rewinding and inspection. We take these precautions to eliminate the possibility of accidental label mixing and minimize access to the labels, thereby protecting the sensitive information they contain.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, correct labeling is critical; the proper quality assurance process can prevent incorrect dosing or accidental administration. Using state-of-the-art vision inspection equipment from Advanced Vision Technologies (AVT) and ABG fleyeVision, we scan every single printed label on the scale of individual pixels and compare it to a golden image — a client-verified perfect image of the completed label.

This QA process, the world’s most accurate inspection system, makes it easy to identify and replace misprinted labels. To meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, we guarantee that your custom pharma labels will be 100% defect-free when inspected with our vision system.

To learn more about our pharmaceutical label capabilities, contact our Star Label Products team today.