Custom Cheese Product Labels

Cheese labelsFor the safety of consumers, the FDA has stringent regulations regarding cheese product labels. Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of creating aesthetically appealing, functional labels that adhere to these strict guidelines. Additionally, while the majority of food products are subject to FDA regulation, cheese labeling poses its own unique difficulties due to extreme temperature swings and the uneven surfaces of cheese packaging.

Guidelines for Labeling Cheese Products Correctly

To meet FDA guidelines, manufacturers must be aware of two different types of labeling: The Principle Display Panel (PDP) and the Information Panel (IP). The PDP is the front-facing label that is the most visible to the consumer. If desired, the manufacturer may choose to exclusively use a PDP, placing all required information on a single label. If the manufacturer would prefer to have the PDP separate from the rest of the required FDA information, they may include an IP to separate product branding from nutritional information.Cheese Labeling

There are six pieces of information that the FDA requires on the label for a cheese product:

  • Statement of Identity: This describes the type of cheese product contained within the packaging. The statement of identity must be prominent, with all letters in the same type, size, and style.
  • Brand Name: This identifies the brand, and should be less prominent than the statement of identity.
  • Ingredient List: This displays information about whether the milk used in the cheese product was pasteurized or raw. Manufacturers may choose to locate the ingredient list either on the PDP or on the IP, but it must be listed alongside the name and address of the manufacturer.
  • Nutrition Label: Often listed alongside ingredients on either the PDP or the IP.
  • Net Weight Statement: Shows the net weight of the contents in U.S. customary system and metric system measurements. The net weight statement is always located in the bottom third of the PDP.
  • Name and Address: The label must include the name and address of the distributor, manufacturer, or packager.

Problems With Cheese Labels

Cheese products provide particular difficulty due to their varying shapes and refrigeration environments. As cheese products are frequently vacuum-sealed, manufacturers must choose labels that can adhere to irregular surfaces. The inks, materials, and glues used in cheese product labels must account for the following:

  • Different types of cheese
  • Freezer temperatures and thawed temperatures
  • Wet environments
  • Uneven surfaces

Star Label Printing Methods Help Your Cheese Product Label Stand Out on Shelves

At Star Label Products, we have a variety of label printing options to make your product stand out against the competition while adhering to FDA guidelines.

Flexographic Label Printing

With our flexographic label printing, a flexible printing plate transfers ink to a substrate. This method is highly reliable and good for high volume runs.

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing is excellent for small runs and provides very high-quality labels with a great deal of design flexibility. The use of digital software means that it is easy to make design changes, resulting in more affordable labels and less waste.

Embellishment Techniques

Our team can create labels with unique textures and visual finishes to help your product stand out on the shelf. We also provide a variety of lamination options, which gives your label added protection in changing environments.

Great Design Can Make All the Difference

At Star Label Products, we have years of experience designing and printing cheese product labels that are both attractive and functional. Our art department’s state-of-the-art hardware and software utilizes the latest technology to ease the label printing process and ensure consistently high-quality labels for both small and large runs.

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Cheese Label

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, durable labels that are unique to every product and brand. We offer industry-leading turnaround times, as well as free sample packets to ensure that our customers find the label that is perfect for them.

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