Security Labels

As the name suggests, security labels are created for critical items that demand the highest form of protection against tampering and illegal handling. Security labels, which contain information such as serial numbers and bar codes, help to track and monitor valuable assets throughout manufacture and transport.

In order to service the unique needs of security label products, Star Label has developed a line of destructible labels that provide evidence of tampering and make unauthorized transfers virtually impossible. These labels break apart at even the slightest attempt to remove. Other labels leave the word VOID or a checkerboard pattern on the product if attempted to remove.


Destructible labels provide easy, accurate, and secure identification and tracking capabilities to protect assets from unauthorized transfers by immediately indicating any evidence of product tampering. Constructed to endure a wide variety of temperature ranges and environmental conditions, the labels offer strong resistance to heat, scuffing, and chemicals.

Star Label has been providing customers with premium labels since our launch in 1972; our commitment to the latest technology is reflected in labels that offer the highest levels of security, including long lifespans and the ability to withstand the toughest environments.

Designing Labels for Crucial Applications

Security labels from Star Label can be printed with any barcode, custom text, or serial number required for a particular product line. These labels provide excellent brand protection and safeguard companies’ most valuable assets. Relied on by experts in security, aviation, law enforcement, and counterfeiting, our tamper-proof labels play a vital role in protecting property and ensuring safety for a wide variety of applications.

Our 37,000 square foot facility is fully equipped to allow us to manufacture the best custom labels on the market with emergency services available at no extra charge.

For more information about our range of security labels, contact Star Label Products today.