Wine Labels and Packaging

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Whether you sell your products online or on store shelves, high-quality package labeling serves as eye-catching, unique, and informative marketing for your brand. Everything from the graphics to the printing material makes a difference in how consumers see your product. The right labels also protect your company by properly displaying industry-regulated details.

At Star Label Products, we specialize in attractive, attention-grabbing wine labels to fit your company’s individual style. We can create labels with a modern aesthetic showcased through abstract art and design. Alternatively, some customers prefer wine labels with a historical or traditional feel utilizing ornate styles and fonts or refined color choices. Star Label Products can do anything from minimalist labels to more irreverent ones with an emphasis on modern trends, humor, or personality-infused designs. Whatever your preference, we offer comprehensive labeling services to best highlight your brand.

Requirements for Wine Labels and Packaging

Well-crafted wine labels help market your product by catching shoppers’ attention. However, wine labels serve another purpose as well. The Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act establishes front and back labeling requirements for any wine that contains 7% alcohol by volume or more. This is to ensure that winemakers provide useful, necessary, and truthful information to consumers.

On the front label, winemakers must specify the type of wine, its appellation of origin, the company brand name, the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV),  and the percentage of foreign wine within, if any. Then, there are numerous optional details you can include, such as a fanciful product name, vintage information, and descriptions of the wine’s taste or color.

On the back of the bottle, the back label has to include a government-mandated health warning, information on what company bottled the wine and the location of said company, the metric volume of liquid that the bottle contains, and a sulfite declaration (if applicable).

At Star Label Products, we can help ensure that every wine label clearly displays the mandated information, optional details that establish the quality of your product, and other elements for aesthetic and branding value.

Star Label Product’s Wine Labeling Capabilities

While adhering to regulatory standards, we expertly create each of our wine label designs to display crisp graphics and information on custom-sized and wraparound labels with the right surface finish to appeal to your target market. Our custom wine label printing options include:

  • Flexographic Printing: With water-based or UV-cured ink available in up to 12 vibrant colors, this printing method utilizes a rotary process and flexible relief plate for transferring ink onto substrates ranging from paper and plastics to metallic films.
  • Extended Content Labels: Extended labels provide extra space for printing details about a product when the product packaging itself is small.
  • Digital Label Printing: Our digital options allow us to print small runs of labels on any type of film or paper substrate for novelty wines without sacrificing print quality or overextending your budget.
  • Embellishments: Star Label Products offers various textural finishes, laminates, varnishes, embossing options, hot and cold foil stamping services, and other extras to give your product both tactile and visual interest.
  • Thermal Printing, Laser printing, and Dot Matrix Capabilities: These variable information printing techniques are useful for printing serial numbers, unique bottling dates, and other serialized information on bottles within a set order.

We also offer prototyping services, adhesive printing, and various other packaging labels and options to meet our customers’ varied needs. Star Label Products’ small-run capabilities enable us to print labels in just about any volume without customers having to make the initial investment often involved with conventional printing options. Also, with our commitment to fast delivery, a typical new order has turnaround times of five to seven days, or three to five for repeat orders.

Labeling by Star Label Products

Since 1972, Star Label Products has endeavored to become a leading provider of label printing services. Our current facility has 10 printing presses and 37,000 square feet of space, allowing us to serve our customers with cutting-edge technology to match our skilled craftsmanship. In addition to wine labels, we specialize in creating engaging labels for a variety of applications, including:

  • Craft beer
  • Other food and beverages, such as cheese
  • Cannabis products
  • Household items
  • Personal care/cosmetic products
  • Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
  • And much more

Order Wine Labels From Star Label Products

The right label for your wine makes all the difference in securing sales and attracting new customers. Let Star Label Products make you shine. Contact us today to learn more!