Personal Care Labels

Brands that achieve and sustain growth in the personal care industry tend to have two things in common: quality products and quality labels.

Given the nature of this particular industry, a product’s environment and shape can deeply affect the type of label and application that it requires. It is essential that personal care labels withstand both its environment and the rigors of frequent use.

personal care labels

Many personal care products are found in the bathroom, a damp and humid environment. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are all stored and used in the shower. Liquid soap is kept on the counter by the sink. These locations will regularly subject the products to direct contact with water.

Designing Labels with Varying Rigidities

While some personal care products, such as lotions, are packaged in tubs and other stiff containers, many are packaged in bottles or tubes, which come in three standard rigidities:

  • Rigid, or Non-Squeeze – Though they may have some flexibility, rigid bottles are designed to dispense their products without being squeezed.
  • Semi-Rigid  Semi-rigid bottles, such as many shampoos or conditioner containers, are flexible enough to be squeezed in order to dispense product but still rigid enough to maintain their shape.
  • Non-Rigid, or Full-Squeeze – Almost exclusively seen in tube shapes, full-squeeze containers must be squeezed in order to dispense a product and will not maintain their shape perfectly over time.

personal care labelsStrength and longevity of labels is more important to personal care than any other industry. No matter how great a product may be, a customer will have a hard time identifying it for a future purchase if the label is ruined by the time they are done using the product.

With over 40 years of experience printing labels for all industries, Star Label Products understands the value of a quality label better than anyone else, especially for the high demands of the personal care industry; we maintain a wide variety of film and other specialty substrates for exactly these types of environments. Our non-paper substrates provide unparalleled water protection, ensuring that your label lasts no matter how wet it gets.

Aside from being water repellent, our substrates are also available in a range of flexibilities. A rigid substrate that works well on a tub or bottle will not be suitable for a full-squeeze tube, where it can crack or wrinkle. Not only do our film and specialty substrates perform well in wet and physically demanding applications, but they will also help to improve the appearance of your branding.

To learn more about the essentials of personal care labels, including properly designing labels to fit containers of unique shapes, developing detergent-resistance varnishes, and understanding why rotary screen printing may be the perfect method for producing such labels, contact Star Label Products today.