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Why Choose Custom Label Printing?

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Today’s market demands that you stand out from the competition, and one way to do so is by developing efficient and effective business branding. This is why you require a product label that is uniquely yours.

A witty and inventive label can help your goods grab people’s attention. This will have immediate advantages for you, especially in the form of better brand awareness, which will lead to the rise of your business.

Benefits of Custom Label Printing

Listed below are several factors positively influenced by custom labels and the advantages of custom label printing.

Boosts Brand Recognition

Boosting brand recognition is vital since the average consumer’s attention span is growing shorter and shorter as the years pass. Your labels represent your company, and even the smallest elements can help strengthen your brand image by creatively developing a unique label.

Provides a Competitive Edge

If you are targeting consumers in a high-competition business district or residential area, printing custom labels and stickers is a simple yet effective approach to make your brand stand out yourself. An eye-catching label with your logo can easily draw a customer’s attention and give them a brief rundown of your products or services.

Promotes Production Ease

Custom label printing is a hassle-free solution that lets you easily improve your branding. You can incorporate any text, designs, and pictures you like and have total control over the label’s appearance and content.

Exudes Professionalism

Products with distinct packaging, label, and brand elements exude professionalism and trust among consumers, as a result, customers find the product more desirable and worth the investment.

Increases Sales and Revenue

Since a product’s exterior packaging and branding is the first feature that customers see before purchasing, an attractive label can drastically improve your target market’s perception of your product. Thus, a custom label can directly impact your sales and revenue. Specifically, the aid of custom label printing services can help your products entice consumers since they have a distinctive selling appeal.

Why Should You Invest in Custom Label Printing?

There are several advantages to employing custom product labels, including brand identification, building brand identity and distinctiveness, the convenience of production, professionalism, and sales growth. Custom product labels are beneficial to many industries, including durable goods manufacturers, automobiles, electronics, food and beverage makers, and any product that requires identification or conveys information to the end user.

Star Label: Your Branding Excellence Partner!

By using custom label printing services, you can make your business stand out from competing brands and boost brand recognition and sales. Star Label Products is a full-service label supplier offering excellence in print quality and customer satisfaction! We put much effort into producing tailor-made product labels of the highest caliber and ensure that you have a solution that satisfies your needs and fits your budget.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our custom label options, or request a quote today!

How To Get the Right Digital Labels

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Labels are a brand’s physical representation; they contain the product’s information and help it stand out in a competitive marketplace. Some of the world’s most successful brands are identifiable even with just their labels and logos, proving how vital it is to get the right label for your business.

This article will walk you through the steps to get the best digital label for your company.

Getting Your Digital Label

Listed below are procedures that every business owner must know about getting a digital label.

1.    Know Your Product

Before printing your product label, it is critical to remember that it must function as intended. For example, if you print labels for a bottled energy drink, you will want it to be slightly waterproof and highly adhesive. If not, your product label will be vulnerable to condensation or other forms of wear and tear.

2.    Choose the Label Material

Understanding how your product will be utilized can assist you in selecting the appropriate type of label for the task. Here is a short overview of some of the most popular label materials that may be utilized for digital label printing:

  • BOPP: BOPP labels are constructed of polypropylene film, which make these labels very durable. These labels will withstand different levels of moisture and will be superior in tear resistance compared to semi-gloss paper. When you need reliability and performance, BOPP labels are what you need.
  • Semi-Gloss Paper: This is a popular paper label material with a semi-glossy, shiny finish. It performs well with intricate colors and graphics and is great for economical usage.
  • Specialty Papers: Some products require a certain high-end aesthetic such as in the wine and spirits industry. In order to compliment these products price tags and to validate a legitimate brand, specialty papers such as wine (estate) paper, linen paper, eggshell paper, etc. can be used to get attention on your brand.
  • Laminate: In order to protect your label and its graphics, a protective overlaminate film can be added to your labels construction. This gives your label even more durability and resistance to the elements. Options include gloss, matte, soft-touch, anti-scuff, holographic, etc. Ask for us for our recommendation.
  • Varnishes: Varnishes serve a similar purpose to what laminates do, however, rather than a film, a liquid protectant is used. Varnishes can be more economical when needed, but don’t offer absolute protection like laminates do. Options include gloss, matte, imprintable, etc.

3.    Design Your Label

Labels must stand out and display the product’s distinctive attributes while remaining consistent with the company’s established brand. In addition, other technical aspects must be considered, such as what information to put and where, the container’s shape, and the printing company’s limitations.

4.    Check Your Proof

Always review your proof thoroughly when approving your label for print production. This is the time to verify size, material, unwind directions, and more. You should be able to print your label out using your desktop printer. Ensure that you’re printing the document out at 100% zoom for accurate sizing. Once printed out, you can cut out your label on the labeled dieline and test apply the label onto your vessel.

5.    Work With a Trusted Printer

Experienced printing firms can modernize your product labels to meet current demands, allowing your business to stand out from competitors. Consequently, working with a qualified digital label printing company can help boost your sales and grow your markets.

Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market With Star Label!

Overall, digital labels help improve brand recognition, promote ease of manufacturing, exude professionalism, and drive higher revenues. Reap these benefits with Star Label Products! We work hard to create the greatest quality digital labels and ensure you have a solution that meets your goals and budget.

Contact us to learn more about our digital label services, or request a quote today!

How Waterproof Beer Labels Can Bolster Your Brand

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It is well-known in the food industry that the aesthetics of your product presentation matters, as people eat first with their eyes. So whether it’s food on a plate or the design of the branding on food packaging, people don’t want to consume what doesn’t appeal to their eyes.

In the case of beverages, like ice-cold drinks, it’s the beauty of the packaging that makes it stand out on the shelf. But don’t you hate when your bottled drink’s label falls apart when the ice starts to moisten or melt? Not only does it look cheap, but it feels cheap as well.

The same can be said for beer labels. Aside from the good-tasting beer, you also want a label that stands out and looks as fresh as when it came off the shelf. Labeling is one of the significant ways to communicate with consumers, and it is essential to use reliable and attractive labels that won’t break apart from moisture.

Waterproof labels or water-resistance beer labels pop and stick to the bottle for a more extended period, even when exposed to moisture.

What Are Waterproof Labels?

In a nutshell, a waterproof label is a label that is highly resistant to the penetration of water. Its print, face material, and adhesive are all waterproof. The waterproof quality is achieved using laminates and liquid varnishes that prevent the penetration of water.

Advantages of Waterproof Labels

Aside from their water-resistant properties, waterproof labels are also durable. They are made with a robust and permanent adhesive, and comes in sheet or roll. It also holds up under a wide range of temperatures and is resistant to scuffing, tearing, and smudging. The logos, designs, and texts on a waterproof label stay readable.

Waterproof labels achieve a high-quality level without sacrificing the design aesthetics.

What Should You Look For In A Waterproof Beer Label?

Say you finally decided to use waterproof labels for your beer product; the key factors you need to keep an eye out for are:

Label Material

The first thing to look out for is the label face sheet material. Paper labels tend to break down when exposed to water for a long time. Film labels, on the other hand, are more resistant to moisture. There are also different film materials you can choose from, such as polypropylenes, polyester, and polyolefin.

Print Protection

Print protection refers to a laminate or varnish that protects your waterproof beer label from water.

Proper Application

All of this is in vain if the application is not done correctly. Labels must be applied properly so that there is no “lift up” (i.e., wrinkles or bubbles) in the label that would allow moisture to seep in. Star Label Products can also assist with identifying the best way to apply your labels.

How can Waterproof Beer Labels set your brand apart?

High-quality waterproof beer labels do more than just look pretty. A good label helps build recognition and shares the visual story of your brand. When customized, it also sets your brand apart and makes it more appealing. People like products that look good, and if your beer label is something fun, unique, and high-quality, it will likely catch the eyes of the consumers who will ultimately buy your beer products.

Why Choose Star Label Products For Your Waterproof Beer Labels?

At Star Label Products, we can provide the perfect waterproof label using suitable materials that ensure durability and excellent quality. We will help you create a label that stands out, can handle moisture without falling off, and with the highest quality.

With a state-of-the-art facility and ten printing presses, we offer a wide array of capabilities such as flexographic printing, digital label printing, extended content labels, custom nameplates, embellishment techniques, custom printed tags, custom flexible packaging, and thermal printing/ laser/ dot matrix.

When your brand needs to create a striking presentation, Star Label is the best to call to help your brand shine! Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we make the best custom waterproof craft beer labels.