How To Get the Right Digital Labels

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Labels are a brand’s physical representation; they contain the product’s information and help it stand out in a competitive marketplace. Some of the world’s most successful brands are identifiable even with just their labels and logos, proving how vital it is to get the right label for your business.

This article will walk you through the steps to get the best digital label for your company.

Getting Your Digital Label

Listed below are procedures that every business owner must know about getting a digital label.

1.    Know Your Product

Before printing your product label, it is critical to remember that it must function as intended. For example, if you print labels for a bottled energy drink, you will want it to be slightly waterproof and highly adhesive. If not, your product label will be vulnerable to condensation or other forms of wear and tear.

2.    Choose the Label Material

Understanding how your product will be utilized can assist you in selecting the appropriate type of label for the task. Here is a short overview of some of the most popular label materials that may be utilized for digital label printing:

  • BOPP: BOPP labels are constructed of polypropylene film, which make these labels very durable. These labels will withstand different levels of moisture and will be superior in tear resistance compared to semi-gloss paper. When you need reliability and performance, BOPP labels are what you need.
  • Semi-Gloss Paper: This is a popular paper label material with a semi-glossy, shiny finish. It performs well with intricate colors and graphics and is great for economical usage.
  • Specialty Papers: Some products require a certain high-end aesthetic such as in the wine and spirits industry. In order to compliment these products price tags and to validate a legitimate brand, specialty papers such as wine (estate) paper, linen paper, eggshell paper, etc. can be used to get attention on your brand.
  • Laminate: In order to protect your label and its graphics, a protective overlaminate film can be added to your labels construction. This gives your label even more durability and resistance to the elements. Options include gloss, matte, soft-touch, anti-scuff, holographic, etc. Ask for us for our recommendation.
  • Varnishes: Varnishes serve a similar purpose to what laminates do, however, rather than a film, a liquid protectant is used. Varnishes can be more economical when needed, but don’t offer absolute protection like laminates do. Options include gloss, matte, imprintable, etc.

3.    Design Your Label

Labels must stand out and display the product’s distinctive attributes while remaining consistent with the company’s established brand. In addition, other technical aspects must be considered, such as what information to put and where, the container’s shape, and the printing company’s limitations.

4.    Check Your Proof

Always review your proof thoroughly when approving your label for print production. This is the time to verify size, material, unwind directions, and more. You should be able to print your label out using your desktop printer. Ensure that you’re printing the document out at 100% zoom for accurate sizing. Once printed out, you can cut out your label on the labeled dieline and test apply the label onto your vessel.

5.    Work With a Trusted Printer

Experienced printing firms can modernize your product labels to meet current demands, allowing your business to stand out from competitors. Consequently, working with a qualified digital label printing company can help boost your sales and grow your markets.

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