Appreciating Customers and Representatives

From October 7th to the 11th this year, companies around the nation celebrated Customer Service Week. You may have missed the festivities, but here at Star Label it’s our mission to provide good customer service year round. This is vital not just for the manufacturing clients we work with directly, but also in our relationships with brokers and other representatives.

Since our founding in 1972, we’ve been serving two main groups – manufacturers and brokers. Sometimes companies will come to us looking for a particular solution, and our sales force is able to guide them through that process. Other times, companies will opt for a broker or other representative to seek out service providers and request quotes on their behalf.

For example, a manufacturer may need a particular type of sticker or label for their product. The manufacturer’s broker then inquires about specifications, and can offer up our product as a choice. He or she then comes to us with the specifications, we offer a quote, and the entire client relationship is handled by the broker.

Respecting and appreciating each customer group is one of Star Label’s competitive strengths. We always ensure client confidentiality, even using blind drop-shipping so our name doesn’t appear on the product – just the broker and/or client names.

Brokers serve a valuable role for many manufacturers, allowing them to operate their businesses without having to worry about sourcing issues. We understand the importance of this job and work hard to meet the needs of the broker as our main contact, and the end-user who will eventually be receiving our products.