5 Tips For Perfect CBD Product Labels

CBD and hemp-derived products contain no THC (the psychoactive component found in cannabis) so there are no hallucinogenic effects felt by the user. This area of the cannabis industry continues to grow as its applications for both medicinal and recreational uses expand. Rules and regulations surrounding these cannabis products are constantly evolving. It is the responsibility of the producer and seller to ensure product compliance. Working with Star Label Products on your cannabis project will allow you to represent your brand in both an attractive and compliant manner.

5 Tips For Perfect CBD Product Labels

Prior to production, it is important that brand owners verify that their product labels comply with local and federal laws. The 5 tips below are a great starting point for you and your brand!

1. Intended Use

What kind of CBD product is it? Is it a drug or dietary supplement? All of this determines the CBD product’s legality and should therefore be included on all CBD product labels.

2. CBD Content

This information will be displayed on the nutrition facts panel for food and beverage CBD labels, and will be listed under the supplement facts for other types of CBD products. CBD content must be listed as per serving.

3. Volume or Amount

You must be clear about how much of the product is inside of the package. Information such as net weight or count needs to be included depending on the type of CBD product that you are packaging. CBD brands should refer to their local and federal guidelines to ensure compliance.

4. Accurate Item Description

Always make sure that you’re including every bit of important information that the user should know about. Transparency is essential (and regulated!) in the cannabis industry. The greater the transparency offered to consumers, the more revered the cannabis brand will be for being open and honest about their products.

5. Zero Unprovable Claims

Avoid making any medical claims that suggest your product can treat life-threatening illnesses or other ailments. Congress has made it their mission to eliminate this bad practice from the industry, as these claims have not yet been tested and proven to be true.

Star Label Products Can Help

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