Digitally Printing the Perfect Cosmetic Label

How to Make Labels for Cosmetic Products

Using digital label printing techniques comes with many perks for package designers. This process:

  • Allows for high-quality printing on customized orders, even for smaller runs
  • Provides a nearly limitless range of shapes, colors, materials, and designs to work with
  • Lowers the time and money investments needed to produce eye-catching labels
  • Gives designers the ability to make last-minute changes quickly, easily, and without additional costs

You can find short-run digital labels proudly displayed on promotional items, event marketing materials, samples, and newer products that have short-medium sized quantities with many SKUs. For cosmetic products, custom pressure-sensitive labels prevent many of the issues associated with new product launches and changing regulations.

Use these tips to create custom digital labels for your cosmetic product lines.

Benefits of Using the HP Indigo Digital Label Printer

The HP Indigo Digital printing press continues HP’s tradition of providing top-performing technological systems for digital converters. Using HP Indigo digital presses, designers can:

  • Craft high-quality labels with clear and detailed graphics that rival those made using more costly methods like offset printing
  • Conserve materials to reduce costs and maintain environmentally friendly operations
  • Create custom color palettes that accurately represent existing branding


Digitally printing labels lets cosmetic manufacturers create packaging that stands out from the crowd. The HP Indigo Digital printing press produces full-color designs that attract the eye and keep customers coming back for more. HP Indigo printing is unlike any other digital printing. A proprietary ink and operating system are used to create digital label perfection!

How to Design Digital Cosmetic Labels

At its core, cosmetic label design conveys your product’s content, purpose, and value to potential buyers. As FDA-regulated products, cosmetic merchandise must include labels that conform to stringent standards. Digital cosmetic labels should include the following information:

  • The product’s identity: The label’s most important job is to let the customer know what the product does. For example, labels tell whether products function as anti-wrinkle creams, body lotions, scented scrubs, or other designations.
  • The product’s net content: This is the actual weight of the product when you exclude packaging or other materials. Don’t confuse net content with the package’s dimensions, as this measurement applies only to the amount of product within the container.
  • Declaration of ingredients: The FDA mandates that cosmetics manufacturers describe their products’ ingredients on the labels. List ingredients in descending order, starting with the most-used substance and ending with the least-used substance.
  • Warnings: The FDA requires many cosmetic products to clearly display warnings on packaging. This is meant to prevent accidental injury from misuse and also shields manufacturers from liability.

Cosmetics manufacturers can take care of all these labeling requirements using digital printing techniques. Furthermore, any errors or omissions discovered before, during, or after printing digital cosmetic labels can be easily changed without incurring extra costs.

Design Your Next Cosmetic Label with Star Label Products


Star Label Products seeks to be a one-stop shop for all of your custom digital cosmetic labeling needs. With our comprehensive range of design, printing services, and time-tested expertise, we’re ready to meet any challenge that our clients throw at us.

The Star Label Products experience includes:

  • The use of state-of-the-art HP Indigo Digital Label Printing Presses to provide superior labels for both short-run projects and larger print runs
  • An experienced graphic design team that helps clients create attractive, accurate, and compliant labels that accurately conveys your brand identity as well as all FDA-required information
  • Expert guidance to ensure that all materials and design decisions maximize your product’s potential and effectiveness

In the cosmetics world, the look of your label is just as important as the product it represents. Whether you’re launching a new product, revamping an existing offering, or putting together a promotional package, Star Label Products is your partner for retail success.

Find out how custom digital labels from Star Label Products can improve your market share. Contact our representatives for a personalized quote on your digital cosmetic labeling project.