Guide to E-Liquid (E-Juice) Labeling

As e-cigarettes and vaping grow in popularity, so does competition between manufacturers. To stand out to consumers, companies that make e-liquid, or e-juice products must label them with attractive branding as well as all the necessary information required by the FDA.

Because the FDA regulates e-cigarettes and their components as tobacco products, labels must comply with these strict industry standards. Learn more about what it takes to produce effective and compliant e-liquid labeling.

Importance of Custom Labeling

Labeling is essential to attracting potential buyers of e-liquid products. Eye-catching custom labels increase brand awareness and stand out in a competitive market. The best labels visually convey to customers how the e-juice smells and tastes. As the e-cigarette industry grows, so will scrutiny by the FDA, especially regarding product labeling.

E-Liquid Labeling Requirements

E-liquid products are considered electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), a form of tobacco product. The FDA requires any tobacco product intended for the manufacture, labeling, packaging, sale, advertising, promotion, import, and distribution in the United States to be properly labeled. These regulations are meant to provide warnings and prohibit the sale of ENDS products to minors.

The FDA requires e-liquid product labels to abide by the following rules:

  • Nicotine Disclaimer: Labeling must include the statement, “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” The text must be at least 12 point size, highly legible, and printed in a bold font with a contrasting background. The warning should bear the exact capitalization and punctuation. It must also take up 30% of the surface of two primary display panels on the label.
  • Manufacturer/Distributor Information: Products must include the manufacturer or distributor’s name and business address on the label.
  • No Advertising to Minors: E-juice products are not meant for those under the age of 18. Therefore, labels for e-liquid bottles should not target children. Improper advertising includes those that imitate candy, fruit, cartoons, and other “kid-friendly” imagery and wording.
  • Accurate Quantity Measurements: Labeling must clearly and accurately state the weight, amount, and/or numerical count of the e-juice product. The label must also include the percentages of domestically produced tobacco and foreign grown tobacco that are in the product.
  • Domestic Sale Only: Labels for tobacco products—including packaging and shipping containers—must include the statement, “Sale only allowed in the United States.”

Considerations for E-Juice Labels

In addition to FDA regulations, there are other considerations that are important for effectively labeling your e-liquid product.

Labels must be correctly sized to contain both FDA-required information and your desired branding. Creative branding makes an impact and helps you gain long-term customers. (Note: avoid misrepresenting your product to children with colorful or cartoonish designs. Labeling should not attract consumers under 18—doing so is a sure way to get your product banned.) Colors, graphics, and logos should be consistent and recognizable throughout your product line. E-liquid labels require high-quality and uniform label materials that will not fade or smudge.

While it is possible to print e-liquid labels using DIY methods, it is not ideal. Professional printers offer a diverse range of expertise that will elevate the appearance and quality of your e-juice bottle labels. Printing labels on your own requires you to acquire and maintain your own printer, label paper, and ink. The price of your first batch of labels can easily reach $500, and this is before laminating or varnishing to keep the label protected. In contrast, partnering with a labeling professional can produce high-quality labels with a quick turnaround time and lower upfront costs.

Custom Labels from Star Label Products

Labeling e-liquid products requires close attention to FDA regulations and eye-catching, consistent branding to earn consumers’ attention and trust. At Star Label Products, we put our customers first, providing advice and support from start to finish. Our printing capabilities allow us to create vibrant labels that will stand the test of time and help your product jump out among the competition. We also promise the fastest lead times in the industry.

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