Providing Digital Finishing Services to Other Label Manufacturers

Our HP Indigo WS6600 digital printing places a lot of dynamic tools into our tool belt. In addition to the many label design features at our fingertips, we can also provide a wide array of finishing & decorating techniques. For most label manufacturers providing digital printing services, their finishing capabilities are limited to varnish or laminating, and die-cutting. Our equipment allows us to provide a more extensive offering of decorative services, including:


Flat Bed Screen Printing – This makes it possible to provide a tactile coating, a feature that makes consumers more likely to pick up a product in an effort to examine the texture. Screen printing also allows us to provide the increasingly popular “no label look,” where the product and brand information look to be a part of the package itself.

Flat Bed Hot Foil Stamping   This allows us to give a more “premium look” to labels, adding features such as gold leaf borders. Due to the reflective nature of foil, these embellishments also help to capture the attention of passing consumers.1-hot-stuff-1024x517
Cold Foil Stamping–This technique allows us to apply a second foil to the label. With this technique we can create prismatic designs, and other dynamic visual effects.


Sheeting – Our sheeting station allows us to provide single labels rather than being confined to solely labels on rolls, ensuring that the customer receives their labels in the form they prefer.


Advanced Hybrid Spot Color Flexo Printing – In conjunction with your digitally printed label, this technique allows us to provide very specific pantone matching, metallic colors, pearlescent colors and pastel colors ensuring that customers get the exact color they’re looking for.

Flat Bed Embossing – Embossing is a technique that can really make brand logos “pop!”

For some label manufacturers, we send back full size rolls for final rewinding and inspection. For others, we handle the rewinding and inspection ourselves, then we package the labels up and drop ship them to customers.

We’ve been in business since 1972, and since the beginning we’ve always done work for the trade. Protecting our trade accounts is a commitment we value highly. In our next blog we’ll delve into why that is, and the steps we take to deliver on that commitment.