Comparing Different Types of Cannabis Packaging

The quality of cannabis sold is of the utmost importance to cannabis dispensaries. However, without proper packaging, the customer may receive something that doesn’t represent the effort it took to ensure a quality product. Prioritizing cannabis packaging ensures your product is the same from beginning to end of the production cycle.

Cannabis Package Comparison

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There are multiple types of cannabis packaging, but they all fall into one of three categories, each with its own pros and cons.

Rigid Cannabis Packaging Types

Any packaging that is unyielding in form is considered rigid packaging. This includes packaging such as glass and metal.

  • Pros. Rigid cannabis packaging provides the best protection against the crushing of flowers and related increased oxidation. It’s a hygienic solution that’s easy to clean and makes for an excellent customer-facing presentation.
  • Cons. Disadvantages include the potential for breakage or damage, regulations that may require naturally clear rigid packaging to be placed in an additional exit bag, creating additional cost, and the fact that oils and concentrates may be harder to access in recessed areas of the container. Storage can also be more of a concern for this packaging type.

Semi-Rigid Cannabis Packaging Types

This packaging is not as unyielding as rigid packaging but, while holding its form well, can still change shape with a moderate amount of applied pressure. Semi-rigid packaging includes cans, cartons, and plastic containers.

  • Pros: Semi-rigid packaging holds up moderately well against normal handling. It can be molded into various forms, providing flexibility in packaging and a variety of branding options. Because it’s lightweight, it’s easier to transport and store than rigid packaging and provides for quick, cost-effective production.
  • Cons: Many customers may be opposed to a packaging product that isn’t recycle-friendly. This packaging can also easily scratch and discolor with time, making it harder to keep inventory on hand. Along the same lines, some semi-rigid packaging types can be flammable, so care must be taken when stored.

Flexible Cannabis Packaging Types

Typically referring to packaging like pouches, bags, envelopes, and sachets of plastic, paper, or foil, flexible packaging is the most yielding and can change shape with minimal force.

  • Pros: Flexible cannabis packaging makes it easy to apply labels and other forms of customization, including clear windows, hang holes, etc. This option is recyclable, as well as easy to display, store, and ship due to its lightweight and compact size. Flexible packaging is widely available, cost-effective, and easy to procure.
  • Cons: While flexible packaging may work well for cannabis concentrates, it doesn’t suit most other cannabis products. Quality is essential in flexible cannabis packaging due to the ease of puncture during transport.

Compliance Matters in Cannabis Labeling

Regardless of your choice of cannabis packaging, the labeling of cannabis also plays a vital role in sales, branding, and compliance. Like with e-liquid products, cannabis labeling should clearly adhere to all regulations, which may include information about the marijuana strain, lab name, test # confirmation, and date tested, net weight in grams, CBD%, and THC%. Since regulations change quickly, short-run production can help prevent outdated packaging.

While close attention to compliance is imperative, labeling has another important purpose in promoting your business brand. Tactile finishes, foil stamping, embossing and debossing, and chrome or matte finishes are some of the many ways you can elevate your package labeling and stand apart from your competitors.

Your Single Source in Pressure Sensitive Cannabis Labeling

Quality cannabis, proper packaging, and eye-catching labeling all come together to create a product your business can be proud of and your customers rave about. Star Label Products offers cost-effective solutions for custom labeling your cannabis products.

Contact us for more information on cannabis packaging labels that meet all compliance regulations while promoting your unique brand.