Beauty Box Subscriptions and Product Sample Pouches Gain Popularity – Have You Tried Them?

Around the web and across social networks, it’s increasingly common to find companies and sites devoted to distributing free product samples, or selling monthly beauty box subscriptions. The idea is that by allowing consumers to “try before you buy,” brands can gain more exposure for their products. This is especially common for personal care items, including shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and other cosmetics.


The products come in convenient sample pouches, or sachets. They can be attached to a full size product on display (such as a packet of conditioner hanging from the neck of a shampoo bottle); they can be mailed directly to interested prospects; or they can be included in subscription boxes that contain samples of different products according to a person’s interests. Sometimes, you’ll even find tandem sample pouches that are attached side-by-side, which is common for new lines of shampoo and conditioner.

But a product sample can only go so far without proper branding. Without recognizable colors and logos, customers might forget which product samples they preferred by the time they get to the local store. For this reason, it’s important to maintain consistency between regular-sized products’ labels, and their smaller sample pouch counterparts. At Star Label Products, we not only print traditional product labels; we also supply flexible packaging options. We print company branding onto flat film, and then send it off for co-packing, where it is formed, filled and heat sealed into the finished pouch. By having a co-packing partner, we’re saving our customers’ time and taking one more task off their to-do list.

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