Crowler Labels: Packaging That Makes Your Craft Beer Standout

While it’s undoubtedly essential for a beer to taste good, there’s no denying that packaging dramatically influences people’s buying decisions. With so many beers competing to get noticed on the shelves, standout beer labels have become a marketing strategy for any brewery to make consumers interact with their brand.

When creating something as important as designing the perfect craft beer label, many factors like legal compliance, quality, and sustainability, are some things to be considered. Many breweries rely on the expertise of custom label companies like Star Label Products to create eye-catching, high-quality labels. Their sophisticated, cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship help breweries manufacture beer labels that will get their products noticed in this competitive space.

What Is A Crowler And Its Labeling Regulation?

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The Crowler is a beautiful way to fill, seal, and sell beverages in convenient 32-ounce containers. This aluminum vessel has been the biggest craze in the craft beer industry and has quickly been embraced by beer enthusiasts. It is meant to keep your favorite beer fresh and purge all air, and the crowler requires a particular in-house machine to cap it. A high-quality custom crowler label is essential for special packaging representing your brewery well and making your product stand out.

Regarding labeling regulations, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) requires that any malt beverage include the following details on its labels: Brand name, type of beer, name & address of the producer or bottler, net contents, alcohol content, disclosures for specific ingredients, health warning statement or official government warning, and, country of origin. Aside from these regulations, you would want to also check with your state’s alcohol agency requirements. TTB has an online directory where you can find your state’s alcohol beverage authority.

Benefits And Advantages Of Crowler Labels

Many breweries have tried – and failed – putting simple stick-on paper labels to the test. Run-of-the-mill printed brandings don’t display color well and tend to peel when exposed to cold temperature or moisture – two factors necessary for storing your favorite beer. Crowler labeling is one great way to ensure a high-quality representation of your brewery products that will stand the test of time and create a significant positive impression among your consumers.

Crowler packaging allows you to utilize a large label to ensure your brand speaks loud and clear no matter your design. It can make a bold statement that stands out among the crowd as you cover the entire surface of the can with your branding, including the contoured ends.

You can also create a variety of flagships, collaborations, and specialties with crowler labels, so your customers will know exactly what’s in their crowler. Thus, creating a local feel and pride that can encourage customers’ loyalty and patronage.

Crowler labels can communicate the unique branding and high-quality care you invested into your craft beer. It tells your consumers how much effort you put into your product and branding, which will make them pick out your product amongst the others on the shelf.

In A Nutshell

A stylish can or eye-catching packaging says a lot about a brewery. No matter how good your craft beer tastes, your beer won’t stand out on the shelf if you put a bland label on it. The best breweries invest in how their beer and brand are represented.

Why Choose Star Label for Your Crowler Labels

With over 50 years of experience printing labels across various industries, Star Label Products understands the value of a quality label better than anyone else, especially when it comes to craft beer labels that will stick to cold, wet surfaces and stand the test of time.

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