Labeling Trends Designed to Attract Male Grocery Shoppers

According to a recently published study by Defy Media, “The Acumen Report: Brand New Man,” men are taking on more household-oriented roles as of late. The study, which looked at over 2,000 men between the ages of 18-49, found that about 65% of respondents are now the primary grocery shoppers in their household. This is big news for retailers and brands, which are now coming up with new ways to target this growing demographic.

So what are brands doing to capitalize on this consumer shift? In many cases, larger servings and dark labeling are the main distinction. New products are also being developed that cater specifically to men, and often, it’s the presentation of information that is the biggest difference. Rather than focus on a product being low-fat, for example, the attention is drawn to higher protein content. Powerful Yogurt is a new Greek yogurt brand with a packaging design that centers on dark, bold colors and the slogan, “Find Your Inner Abs.” While women’s nutrition products often focus on weight-loss, the men’s options appear to focus on muscle growth.

But male shoppers are buying into more than fitness-inspired products. According to Gourmet Ads, men are buying a wide range of products – canned seafood, ready-to-eat meals for the entire family, refrigerated beverages (non-alcoholic), yogurt, and more.

This means that established brands should be looking for ways to appeal to an increasingly masculine audience. Even if the products themselves don’t change, companies may want to consider new label designs that appeal to a wider range of shoppers.

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